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2017 MSF Round Finale @ Sepang International Circuit

Sunday 3rd December 2017 marked the end of Malaysia Speed Festival a.k.a MSF.  Round Finale (6) seems successfully executed. I who follow since their SNF series held several years ago.

However, this year I was bit busy with my job which sometime clash with my schedule. But still, I do go when free. This time we were lucky got sponsored while enjoying the race. It wasn’t much, but it’s good enough indeed. You sapot I, I sapot u hahaha.

Special thanks to F-Tuned Racing Suspension. (Bro Wan Ahmad Farouk , Kak Shima & Mohammad Faiz ) for sponsoring us (Mazda Ford Geng Kontot) t-shirt, food and beverage at F-tuned pit-stop.

#GengKontot #FTuned

Motorsports are about making friends! Enjoy the photos!

// me neither pro nor master in photography. It’s my HOBBY and PASSION!

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Lepak2 Geng Kontot Setia Alam

Siang malam asyik kerja, kene la lepak2 gak untuk rileks2, chill, release2 tensyen kan. Aku nih banyak kawan dari pelbagai minat, genre bidang dan sebagainya. Ada masa aku lepak ngan geng bisnes, geng internetphenuer, geng macam2 lagi lah. Kadang2 lepak sorang2 aku. Tapi yang selalu aku buat ialah lepak sesama geng kereta. Mungkin pasal banyak bende boleh diborak.

Geng2 kereta aku nih nama Geng Kontot, geng2 mazda ford hatchback. We just established by 10.10.2016. Tapi dah macam2 kitorang buat. Agak aktif walaupun walaunpun masing2 kadang2 ada join grup2 lain. Cuma bersatu bawah nama kontot. Sebab sebelumnya terasa cam sedikit tidak dipedulikan pasal… yelah kereta lama. Tapi.. jangan salah sangka. Ramai antara kami ada 2 3 4 biji kereta, hatta ada yang kereta baru ada tapi kete nih disimpan sejak berpuluh tahun. Bukan semua orang susah simpan kete lama nih. Aku je la kot orang susah huhu.

Ah!. layan gambar je lah.

2016 Year End TT Sesion Putrajaya of our local Ford Mazda enthusiast

It was a Xmas night actually, 25th December 2016, a TT session held at our very own Putrajaya Boulevard. “TT” is a short-form derived from Teh Tarik Session. Just like a meetup, or hang-out with buddies outside there who got the same interest. Enjoying coffee, cookies, and so on.

So, because the X-mas is on Sunday, then Monday is a public holiday replacement. It’s a bit weird events actually, because at first, it was planned secretly by our Ford & Mazda Hatchback WhatApps group. In our list it’s about 15 car confirm their attendance on that night.

However, then it’s also another group create TT session on the same day with us!. Although some issue arise in the beginning, but it’s ok, we calmed down and just make it happen. Motorsports are make buddies, not enemies!.

Yeah.. let me say thanks to all parties, either from our Hatchack / GengKontot, Mazford, BD/BF, Lantisan of MLCOM and some Killerbees who actually share same interest which is Ford & Mazda Enthusiast Malaysia.

But hey! Nonetheless, It’s a very MASSIVE crowd either the car and homo sapiens BTW!!! (estimated 50 + cars, in the middle of 26 Boulevard!)

* Credit to my Alpha‘s Animation students who tagged with me, took photos and videos : Farhan Izhar & Ahmad Faisal – Photos edited by me.

2016 MSF Round Finale At Sepang International Circuit

Sunday 27 November 2016. The round finale of Malaysia Festival of Speed race was held in Sepang Circuit. Here’s my shoots. Sorry for the rough mass edit, did not have much time for detail editing. 😀 Enjoy!.

// still dreaming of my project car to finish and tasting the Sepang tarmac. Someday bro! Someday!



2016 Sepang MSF Round 3 Enduro

Mid last month, Sunday 16th October 2016, there’s a race event in Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia. It named Malaysia Speed of Festival (MSF) which is our local grass root race event. The event are previously named as SNF (Saturday Night Fever race) in 2015 is now going to be a full day race. There’s many race categories offered, you might find yours and go!

The MSF usually start in the morning with plenty support races such as ‘track day’ from car clubs and individual whom interested to test out their car performance and driving skill using the whole circuit layout. Later, race team will practice then the qualifying session commenced. The first race started circa 2.00pm.

I was going there to support my friend who participate in this race series and taking photos as my hobby. Here’s some;

2016 Sepang Formula One

Bising dah kawan aku si Midon, aku lupa nak upload gambar2 pegi sepang awal bulan nih. Ahad 2 Oktober 2016 rasanya.

Yeah, goes there, been there, done that eh.

I was at Sepang Formula One 2016 grandstand – (there’s many types of tickets and seats at the grandstand area). Got complimentary tickets from my friend for free which is actually cost few hundreds or might reach thousand MYR (RM). Actually his wife company gave it to their staff, yet his wife cannot go there lah jaga anak diorang. Mungkin gak dia tak minat F1, tapi rasanya bleh tahan si Sya bawak kete laju cam pelesit gak hehe .

Banyak gile tiket dapat, orang plak tak cukup. Tak expect lak banyak camtu. Sampai ada yang tak pakai hehe. Here’s the photos…. not much, sebab bateri kaput, dan malas nak gi spot2 lain kat grandstand tu. (biasa dah separuh masa diorang x jaga pintu dah, boleh gi jalan2. rajin malas, berani x berani je. Aku kalau dah malas nak shoot, mmg macam xde gambar la.. >_<



KTD 2016 – Dato’ Sagor Race Circuit

I’m a Ford & Mazda Enthusiast. (Because Proton, Toyota & Honda too mainstream hehe) .

KTD 2016 stand for Killerbees Track Day 2016. Killerbees is one of the biggest and oldest Mazda & Ford car club in Malaysia.

It’s a race day, track day which is specifically for Malaysia’s Mazda and Ford enthusiast that held annually and usually at Dato’ Sagor Circuit, Kampung Gajah, Perak, Malaysia.

Tahun nih kereta aku tak siap, jadi tak race walaupun yuran race dah dibayar awal2 lagi, tapi pergi untuk support events dan berjimba sambil bercuti.

Kadang-kadang pergi bukan pasal lumba sangat tapi paling utama ialah nak jumpa kawan2 dari seluruh negara yang kebanyakkannya cuma mampu berjumpa setahun sekali di litar ini.